I love working on software as a developer, technical coach, as well as eating veggie food, reading/listening to audiobooks, walk in nature and playing with cats.

Here there is a list with my latest posts:

My terminal configuration

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How much time do you spend in your terminal? You better be having a good time there. Learn how to customize it

Configuring git for the first time

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Do you have a new development laptop and you need to configure git? I got you covered

Create a dark theme

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Learnings from adding support to dark mode to my website

Retrying functions in JavaScript

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The problem statement is: you want to execute a function that may fail, and you want to retry it N times. How could you solve this?

Small Things Matter: Returning early

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Small improvements add up. Sadly, the same thing happen with less fortunate decisions. Keep your code with less indentation with this trick.

Know your tools: JavaScript Promises

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I am sure you have used Promises before, but if you avoid them because of their mystical behavior, this article is for you.