About Me

¡Hola! Welcome to my blog. This is a space where I write about the things I learn when doing software. Currently, I work as a software engineer for a living. I like to write code that is simple to read and understand, although I like to delete code even more.

However, there are other things that I like besides computers, and I wanted to expand a little bit in the next sections.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my spouse Dani, my cat Punto, and with friends and family. I am also practicing some hobbies, here are the most recent.

Audiobooks #

I love to listening to audiobooks, in particular those about self-help. My favorites ones are:

I've listened to them several times in Spanish, and then a few more times in English. Why would I listen to them so many times? It seems to me like every time I hear them I am a different person, so I end up giving a new meaning to the same words, ending up learning something new.

I have books from other categories that I've enjoyed as well:

  • in economics Misbehaving from L.J. Garsen. It is nice to hear how economists developed new theories to accommodate human behavior different from the predicted by the literature;
  • the biography of Steve Jobs from Walter Isaacson. Jobs was brilliant, but also a jerk. I think there are lots of things I can learn from his life, on what to do and what to avoid;
  • the biography of Mike Massimino in Spaceman. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an astronaut? This is the story of a kid with a dream, and everything he had to go thorough to reach it.

Whittling #

During 2020 I had a sudden realization: I have no idea on how to work with wood. I went to a used book store and bought two books, about carving and whittling, and started my first basswood projects. Here are pictures of my creations.

A "rubber duck" made of wood
A stylized llama
A sit elephant
The salamander from Frozen 2

Contact Me #

Wow, are you still reading? You can follow me on twitter at @camolin3. ¡Chao!