My Values

Every day we make decisions. Some of these problems are either trivial, there is already a known solution, or picking any option doesn't have a huge impact. For more complex scenarios, it is useful to have a framework to guide you to the best solution.

This is my personal framework. It is a work in progress and by no means it is complete nor correct, however these pillars help me when things get complicated.

  • Sustainable
    If I am ever settling down over something I want to understand its impact in the long run. I try to answer What will be the impact in my health, attention, relationships and on the planet?

    For example, I've been vegetarian since 2012, and every time I do a purchase I look for alternatives that are carbon-neutral and/or have a positive impact in their communities. I am also careful to accept invitations for medium to long term compromises.

  • Agile
    When there may be value in multiple things to do, I want to focus on the one that delivers most value. I try to answer Do I really need to do this?, in an effort of deferring work until it is evident that I have to do it.

    For example, when coding I deliver the less amount of code that is both readable and complete. I provide documentation only when needed. For chores, I do the important ones first and put a calendar reminder for the rest.

  • Excellence
    Once I know I have to do something, I aim to do it the best I can. I try to answer How can I do things better than yesterday?

    For example, I pursue the highest standards in both my profession and habits. The power of compounding small improvements it is hard to grasp until you actually experience it.

  • Stoicism
    When things happens, I want to make sure I focus only in the things that are actually under my control. I try to answer Given this happened, is there anything I can do to make it better?

    This is by far the most difficult value to apply, although one of the most valuable. I may not be in control of what happens to me, but I can always choose how to react about it. This value helps me assume full responsibility for everything that happens in my life.